Inclusive CEOs is a first of its kind peer to peer member network; uniting, connecting and engaging CEOs and their C suite executives to address the challenges and opportunities of the ever growing and multi-faceted area of diversity and inclusion.

We are a corporate membership-based network with C-suite members from national and global firms across private, voluntary and third sector organisations and other bodies. Far more than a talking shop but an action focused platform to influence and change mindsets, and elevate those already making an impact.

We have known for some time when people come together great things can happen, we also know when leaders unite for a common purpose we can move at a faster pace. Diversity and inclusion is no longer a ‘nice to have’, or ‘just the right thing to do’, it is now a key enabler to future proof business, minimise risk and there are considerable financial and business benefits to be had.

Inclusive CEOs is focused on making a difference by understanding the key human topics affecting business to generate solutions and drive action for long term impact.

To connect CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Managing Directors and other Senior Heads of Business with one another and to national and world leading diversity and inclusion thought leaders and Senior HR Executives for one purpose; business growth and to maximise your company’s full potential for
a successful profitable business.


Our values are our guiding principles which provide clarity on what we stand for and why we do business the way we do. They serve as behavioural pillars to demonstrate all we do.


Our vision is to have diversity and inclusion embedded within every companies strategic agenda from the outset – not just one strand, and not just sole remit of HR. A strategic agenda with inclusion and diversity at its core led by informed CEOs and delivered through their teams.


What is Inclusive CEOs?

Be a visible leader

Receive internal and external recognition as a visible leader, driving inclusion across all aspects of your organisation.

Create an Inclusive Culture

Accelerate ambitions to drive an inclusive culture where difference is embraced, valued and utilised for greater organisational success.

Competitive Advantage

Diverse boards and teams help accelerate business growth strategies, achieve strategic priorities and boost innovation.