Inclusive CEOS Commit

By becoming a member of Inclusive CEOs, you are also making a commitment both personally and organisationally to setting the tone and leading by example to do the following;


Have diversity and inclusion as a prioritised strategic agenda item for Board meetings, supported by robust strategic actions and action plans


Have a clear authentic narrative which is visible as to why diversity and inclusion is important to the company and to you.


Hold yourself and fellow senior leaders to account on achieving strategic diversity and inclusion goals, tracking progress and making it a broader business priority across all aspects of the company.

  • Deep dived on a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative data across the organisation as a foundation to understanding root causes, and where we want to move from and to, with a view to removing barriers to obtain data to support our aims.
  • Set clear goals from a Board level to drive an inclusive culture to include inclusive behaviours in learning and leadership interventions, and a core component of skills and capabilities for a culture, where all can thrive and setting clear guidance of unacceptable behavior and consequences of negative behavior.
  • Diversity and inclusion in its broadest sense (ie not just one strand) explicit, clear and embedded in your strategy and it’s clear this as an integral enabler/component to achieving company strategic ambitions.
  • Empowered your board to fully champion the agenda and both Chair and CEO are united in this position.
  • The overall strategy with D&I embedded communicated and bought to life both in and out the organisation.
  • A diverse board and topics such as board succession are also a regular feature.