1. What is Inclusive CEOs?

We are a corporate membership-based network with C-suite members from national and global firms across the private, voluntary and third sector organisations and other bodies.
The first and one of its kind by invite only member network focused on diversity and inclusion by connecting, including and engaging the C suite. Far more than a talking shop but an opportunity to understand key human topics impacting business and taking action.

2. What is the mission of Inclusive CEOs?

To connect CEOs, senior executives, strategists and major influencers in business with leading diversity and inclusion thought leaders for one purpose…to drive inclusion for business growth.

3. What is the Vision and expected outcome?

Our vision is to have diversity and inclusion on every companies’ strategic agenda from the outset, not just one strand, and not just sole remit of HR. A strategic agenda with inclusion and diversity at its core led by informed CEOs and their board, and delivered through their teams.

4. Do I have to agree to the commitments?

By becoming a member of Inclusive CEOs, you are also making a commitment both personally and organisationally to setting the tone and leading by example to;

1) Have diversity and inclusion as a prioritised strategic agenda item for Board meetings
2) Have a clear authentic narrative which is visible as to why diversity and inclusion is important to you.
3) Hold yourself and fellow senior leaders to account on achieving strategic diversity and inclusion goals making it a business priority and not an HR one.
4) Ensuring that you are working towards or already have a set of baseline actions in place

– Deep dived on a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative data across the organisation as a foundation to understanding root causes, with a view to removing barriers to obtain the data.
– Set clear goals from a Board level to drive an inclusive culture where all can thrive
– Diversity and inclusion in its broadest sense (ie not just one strand) explicit, clear and embedded in your strategy and it’s positioned as an integral enabler/component to achieving strategic ambitions.
– Empowered your board to fully champion the agenda and both Chair and CEO are united in this position.
– The overall strategy with D&I embedded is communicated further empowering the business to prioritise diversity and inclusion in the day to day running of their business.
– A diverse board and topics such as board succession are also a regular feature.

Hopefully things you are doing already.

5. Who are the founders?

The founders are Fiona Daniel and Paul Sesay

6. How much is the member fee?

The fee is £15,000 ( local currency equivalent) per year per CEO/member

7. Can I join a forum/conference or dinner if I am not a member?

We actively encourage it, one key part of what we are all about is connecting the C-suite population to the vast array of leading experts in this field. We are always looking for speakers, keynote speakers, panelists to take part and in turn raise their visibly to this very important and influential audience.

8. How do I join a forum/attend conference dinner if I am not a member?

Non – members can attend the dinner and conference, please email info@inclusiveceos.com for ticket price as a guest member. Ticket price for non members £2000

Non-members can attend the conference and dinner, and any of the Inclusive CEO events as a guest speaker, key note speaker or panelist. If you would like to be included and be connected to this audience and be a keynote speaker, panelist, speaker, panel chair and want to receive a mailing list of events, please email us at info@inclusiveceos.com and click here for a sample range of topics.

9. When will Inclusive CEOs Launch?

Inclusive CEOs launches in February 2020 however a number of promotions will take place before then. We will connect with our networks, members of Inclusive Companies and other key stakeholders to give them an opportunity to get onboard before the launch date and for our partners to spread the news within their own organisations.

10. Is Inclusive CEOs in other countries?

Research across the vast number of events we have held and attended has identified a need to connect the leaders of business to the leaders of inclusion to aid the acceleration of progress. We also know that this will look and feel different in different countries. Our aim is to have Inclusive CEOs chapters in countries within the following territories Asia Pac, LATAM, US & Canada, Middle East and Africa, Europe and working closely with our members to help accelerate the chapters being set up. If you would like to partner with us in setting up a chapter in another country, please contact us at info@inclusiveceos.com.

11. Can members connect in your office space?

No. Our aim is to be as commercially responsible as possible and connect CEOs and their peers in external venues and their own offices most of the time, again research tells us that diversifying across sectors and experiencing diffident environments aids looking at things from a different perspective and can provide powerful insight into the way inclusion ties in to the overall look and feel of an organisation outside of our own.

12. Can I connect directly with the founders?

Absolutely. We encourage that too, this is an agenda shaped and led by industry leaders and more importantly CEOs and C Suite executives, who can directly let us know what is hot for them on this agenda. Led by them shaped by them is on one of our mottos.

13. What topics will you cover?

The myriad of areas diversity and inclusion can be interwoven is vast and this is what shifts the focus from the remit of one function in most case HR and Heads of Diversity etc, to a much wider business owned agenda that requires a much more strategic approach that is led from the top and activated by all. It covers all aspects of business; we have collated a sample area of topics to give you a flavour but is by no means definitive. Sample Topics. Most topics will come from our members who will require an inclusive lens to be put on key business topics they pick up from the other forums/networks exposed to and also from the analysis and reviews we undertake of the external factors to ensure we are current.

14. Can I promote my business?

We as a company do not promote the products and services of businesses of any company at our events, members are of course at liberty to do this to other members at events etc where it is right and relevant to do so, but we as company do not. We do have the Inclusive CEOs Newsletter and advertising can be purchased that way. Please contact info@inclusiveceos.com to discuss further.