Everyone seems to be talking about equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging, but where these conversations happen and where action is taking place do not often go hand in with the talking. It can be quite a daunting topic, one that can seem quite exclusive if focused on one small aspect of difference, which is the opposite of what it’s all about. On another hand it can be seen as the remit of HR functions but there is one consistent truth in all the grey, and that is to truly drive diversity, inclusion and belonging in organisations it must first be understood, led and driven from the highest levels of the organisation. Creating an inclusive culture where difference is embraced, valued and accepted will be a key skill for leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow

Why CEOs?

From a corporate governance perspective, it is a company’s Board responsibility for establishing a healthy organisational culture. It is the Chair and CEO who embed inclusion in their strategic agendas and give the green light for their business leaders to prioritise inclusion. BUT… it is the CEO who has the accountability in the organisation to deliver the results.

It can be a challenge

It is now top of mind for CEOs and we have great pockets of excellence, but truly making it work can be evasive for many, not knowing what questions to ask or actions to take at board level can be dauting and lead to inaction, taking accountability and getting fully immersed into what is required can seem like hard work and connecting on a common theme to drive better business outcomes in respect of inclusion even harder still…until now…

We know that this area has grown significantly over the years shifting from a tick box set of initiatives, to a core component of strategic planning, a key capability of leading a business and as key enabler to drive growth and maintain competitive advantage.

Inclusive CEOs is here to bridge the knowing and doing gap in aiding CEOs and indeed board chairs to creating a culture where all can fulfil their ambitions and truly thrive.

About Inclusive CEOs

We have known for some time when people come together great things can happen, we also know when leaders come together for a common purpose we can move at a faster pace. Diversity and inclusion in business is no longer a nice to have, it is now a key enabler to future proof business and minimise risk

Inclusive CEOs is a first of its kind member network; uniting, connecting, engaging CEOs and their C suite executives to address the challenges and opportunities of the ever growing and multi-faceted area of diversity and inclusion.

We are a corporate membership-based network with C-suite members from national and global firms across the private, voluntary and third sector organisations and other bodies. Far more than a talking shop but an action focused platform to influence and change mindsets, and elevate those already making an impact.

Inclusive CEOs is focused on making a difference by understanding the key human topics impacting business to generate solutions and drive action for long term impact.

Our Mission

To connect CEOs, Non-Executive Directors, senior executives, strategists and major influencers in business with leading diversity and inclusion thought leaders for one purpose…to drive inclusion for business growth.

Our Values

Our values are our guiding principles which provide clarity on what we stand for, why we do business the way we do and serve as behavioral pillars we demonstrate in all we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have diversity and inclusion on every companies’ strategic agenda from the outset, not just one strand, and not just sole remit of HR. A strategic agenda with inclusion and diversity at its core led by informed CEOs and delivered through their teams.

Joining Inclusive CEOs

Why Join?

Inclusive CEOs membership includes a variety of activities aimed at CEOs, NEDS, board chairs, C suite executive members, these activities include an annual conference, CEO dinner, breakfast meetings, panel and keynote events.

Who Should Join Inclusive CEOs?

Chief Executives, Non-Executive Directors, Company Presidents, Managing Directors and business owners i.e heads of their business with over 250+ employees, whose goal and aspiration is to have an impact on their business profitability with a strategic agenda where inclusion is at its core.

How do I join?

We have made joining Inclusive CEOs as simple and efficient as possible. It is important to note that unlike other business memberships in this area, this membership is for an individual and not an organisation. For example you may have 3 CEOs in your organisations and that would mean 3 individual memberships.


Annual Inclusive CEOs Conference
Annual Inclusive CEOs Dinner
Inclusion Talks
Quarterly Inclusive CEOs Exchange & ConnectTM 


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